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File: Prat 3.001-01-12
I have just reinstalled all my addo...
Posted By: evlyxx
I have just reinstalled all my addons and since then whenever I purchase anything from the AH Iget a really annoying fel nova type sound. I have checked all the sound options and can find nothing to enable/disable this but when I unload the sounds module it stops. I really is annoying as I purchase a lot from the AH. Can anyon...
File: Sushi Sort11-02-10
What problem does this addon solve?
Posted By: evlyxx
A little unclear as to what problem this addon solves. Does this sort things by type, alphabetically, monetary value within the given container? Will it combine items that are stackable and using 2 slots when they could use 1? Will it move all items of type "x" into container "y"?
File: SuperDuperMacro WoW 4.x fix10-13-10
re 4.0.1 fix.
Posted By: evlyxx
Simple question does the file included in the zip replace the existing one? I have done that and still I get not button on my macro window to re-enable my macros stored here.