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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-12-13
Posted By: Carbo
Tapped code that actually works. paste into "text" options custom lua box. function(unit) if UnitExists(unit) and UnitIsTapped(unit) and not (UnitIsTappedByPlayer(unit) or UnitIsTappedByAllThreatList(unit)) then return "Tapped" end end
File: TomTom09-13-13
That option only affects waypoints...
Posted By: Carbo
That option only affects waypoints that are set by TomTom.. another addon can use TomTOm to set waypoints and they can supply their own options. Who is setting your waypoints? I can't use /way since the update because Carbonite grabs it. Can you PLEASE fix the death error? I hate hearing "Fatility" 900 times when I die. I have to...
File: TomTom05-28-13
Corpse errors
Posted By: Carbo
v. 50200-1.0.2 As of today's reset i'm getting a ton of errors and TomTom is one of them with corpse errors after I died and even after I ressed. I can't copy the corpse errors because they are coming in too fast for Bugsack. I got to 938 and cleared the sack but then they just start counting up again. Attempts to index profile ni...
File: NeedyGreedy12-12-11
Still wont show rolls for me. Great...
Posted By: Carbo
Still wont show rolls for me. Great idea but I wish it would work. Is there any addons that may be blocking me from seeing rolls? I tried the last 3 releases with no luck
File: NeedyGreedy12-10-11
Can't see rolls
Posted By: Carbo
Aren't I supposed to see the rolls and the winner because it only shows the loot.
File: Faceroller_FrostDK06-02-11
Re: Re: HoW
Posted By: Carbo
Originally posted by Incalex For HoW constanty showed, I don't know and I'll see that, but HoW is in the rotation and must be used when any others spells aren't ready (not just for buff but also for 10RP gain) Blood Strike is no longer in the Frost DK Rotation. Yes thanks for replying. I know you get an RP boost but the buff i...
File: Faceroller_FrostDK05-21-11
Posted By: Carbo
The latest update shows Horn of Winter constantly. I have HoW up but it shows it every other spell. Hpow can I turn off HoW since it has no reason to be in rotation anyway. I also noticed this version never shows Blood Strike like the last version so does that mean BS is no longer ever used or is it a glitch?
File: Proculas05-03-11
Posted By: Carbo
I love this addon but it does not work at all now. When will it be updated for 4.1?