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File: oUF_Nivaya11-30-10
Thanks again
I wanted to thank you again for making my gaming experience with WoW better. The hard work and many hrs typing away on our behalf doesnt go unappreciated. Your version of ouf_layout ABSOLUTLY is hands down the best for a nub like me. You and your crew, if u have one, ROCK!!! Azeroth is truly safer because of this UI....
File: oUF_Nivaya10-13-10
got it
i moved my wtf and other adds, got it working. my bad, i guess i wasnt being thorough with my add updating....curse laziness.
File: oUF_Nivaya10-13-10
ui frames
I did read the posts about the no frames issue, and i checked the versions. I am running both current versions of yours and core, but am still having a no frame issue, only the cast bar. I am having a no frame issue. On a side note, I love the work you do for us. I love this ui. Wouldn't enjoy my play time half as much w/o it. THA...