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File: SuperDuperMacro WoW 4.x fix10-14-10
I spoke too soon :(
Posted By: harrymac1972
When others loot in dungeons I get the big LUA error code screen in my face. It doesn't happen everytime (like 2/3'ish).... very frustrating to close the error screen 50 times for Utgarde Keep. I didn't cut & paste the error - my servers down at the moment. I'll do it later if somebody wants to see it and thinks it could help.
File: SuperDuperMacro WoW 4.x fix10-13-10
Drop in SuperDuperMacro Folder!
Posted By: harrymac1972
Thanks, so much for this fix! At first I dropped the LUA file directly into the Addons folder out of habit/.... Didn't work, lol. Dragged it into SuperDuperMacro folder in the Addons folder. Works like it always has :) Thanks again!