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File: TomTom12-13-10
Script or Console
Posted By: i420bdawg
I know I have seen that people have been able to add waypoints in tomtom through Console or scripts, but i cant find where i saw it now. If anyone knows how to do this can they please post directions here? I have seen that you could add 20+ waypoints all at once without the use of macros with this technique. Please help!...
File: nUI: Hunter Dashboard Skin10-14-10
Addiotional Addons
Posted By: i420bdawg
By Chance would you have a list of the optional addons for the UI Skin that you have in the screenshot that reads "nUI & nUI Hunter with various other addons (other addons not included)"? Just curious as to which ones are added but not included and if they are supported by the 4.0.1 Patch!