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File: Tank Buddy12-26-06
Bugs - Getting disconnected
Posted By: Vangard
This mod isn't working correctly for me. It doesn't report resisted Taunts, though works for MB. Everytime I use Challenging Shout and Lifegiving Gem, I instantly get disconnected.
File: FuBar - PerformanceFu12-24-06
Standalone version?
Posted By: Vangard
Is there a standalone version to this? I'd just like something that shows FPS, Latency, and optionally the Mem use.
File: Cooldown Timers12-23-06
Feature request
Posted By: Vangard
Any chance you can add an Icon mode? Maybe a 30x30 icon with a Cooldown Count like number over it? I'm stuck using a bar mod to do cooldown monitoring and it's taking up a lot of space and resources. http://img292.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wow2006121813463157vv1.jpg
File: CDHUD12-23-06
Humble request
Posted By: Vangard
Hello, Would it be possible to increase the number of skills monitored? :) I used to use DAB to do exactly what this did using conditionals, but I had 2 full bars full of icons. I'd position the bars right above the player and target frames, 2 rows of 6 each. Since DAB has not been updated, this would be a great replacement i...
File: FuBar - HonorFu08-01-06
Horrible mod
Posted By: Vangard
Honor Count is inaccurate. It usually counts more honor than you usually actually get. After 100k honor a day, it seems to be off by maybe 10k. Tooltip line of % of times killed doesn't show up consistantly at all... it sometimes shows but disapears really fast. Might be a compatibility issue with other mods... I have MobInfo2, se...