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File: Skillet12-13-10
How to link item tradeskill in chat?
Posted By: mcbexx
How do I link a specific single item tradeskill (recipe, pattern etc.) in tradeskill so the reagent requirements show up as well when cliked on? Alt/Ctrl/Shift clicking from the skill list does not work and I don't want to link the whole profession window (little chainlink icon in the upper right corner).
File: DagAssist12-03-10
Keeps dropping items
Posted By: mcbexx
DagAssist keeps dropping items I put in there for no discernible reason. I dragged my Hearthstone, the Northrend Wormhole Generator and the Gadgetzan Transporter into the default bar and sometimes they get lost after relogging (sometimes they don't). If I open the config window for the addon, the slots are empty and the names...
File: GupPet11-25-10
Posted By: mcbexx
Would it be possible to add the option to automatically cast /cancelaura when trying to mount? For instance, the transformations triggered by "Deathbringer's Will" prevent you from mounting, it's kind of annoying.