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Thank you for adding the color coun...
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Thank you for adding the color countdown text. :D
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Originally posted by Aeldra @jala...
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Originally posted by Aeldra @jalanmo Thanks :) Currently this is not possible. I played already with red colored numbers, if the time left is < 5sec, but on the most icons it is harder to read instead of fully bright white numbers. Thank you for the response. There is a similar addon called "SpellFocus" but unfortunately he i...
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very nice work! one question: Ca...
Posted By: jalanmo
very nice work! one question: Can I change the color of the count down text when it has certain seconds left? for example: when a buff or debuff with 5 seconds left and the number text will turn into red color. Is there a way to do it? Thanks! and keep up the great work!