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Originally posted by Tojaso Hmm,...
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Originally posted by Tojaso Hmm, I am seeing them all the time so something must be different in your configuration. Are you referring to the standard Debuffs bar group? It should be automatically detecting new debuffs and showing them. If it isn't then delete the bar group and recreate it without linking it to other bar groups...
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Originally posted by Tojaso Versi...
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Originally posted by Tojaso Version r118 has just been released. It adds support for Cataclysm spells plus new features that you might want to explore. I haven't been getting bars for new debuffs in Cata at all. Did I do something wrong?
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Canceling buffs?
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I know blizzard recently changed the way buffs are handled, something about secure state and non secure state. Anyway I couldn't, by default, right click to cancel buffs. Is there some option I need to enable or am I just being silly? Thanks in advance. PS I did skim the addon page looking for info but its a bit much this la...