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File: Vytle [Caith UI MoP Update]04-14-13
Love this UI but cannot get it work...
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Love this UI but cannot get it working on my display please help on how to display on 2560x1600 the scale is not working properly no matter what i set. this is exactly what I was looking for. thank you :D Thanks for the comments, sorry I left some code in to try and make it easier for people setting up the UI, simply edit n...
File: Caith UI02-04-11
Originally posted by howlsfaith c...
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Originally posted by howlsfaith could anyone tell me what's the border that goes around the frames, minimap, buffs, action bars and such? been trying to find it :( kgpanels
File: Nifra's Interface Pack (CaithUI Rendition)02-03-11
love it !
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Nifra, Keep up the great work! My fiancee will be very happy that someone has taken the initiative to update CaithUI with a very nice looking rendition for healers! Great stuff, thanks.