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File: Flat Panel (WIM Skin)07-25-16
Re: 7.0.3 Update
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Is Flat panel going to be updated for Legion, thanks for making such a great skin for wim. I'll give you a definite maybe. If past expansions are any indication, I'll probably pick it up one of these days and do the necessary updates once I get annoyed enough at the default skin. Now, if only Starbound and Monster Hunter wasn't...
File: Flat Panel (WIM Skin)11-12-10
Originally posted by Sintacks The...
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Originally posted by Sintacks The only problem I have with this skin, is the one line title bar. When you don't have the window very wide, over lap the players name. Sadly, there's not too much that can be done about that. I've tried to do what I can, however. Namely, in v2.0 I've changed the font and made...