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File: dark_intent_mute01-26-11
wav was created by microsoft for wi...
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wav was created by microsoft for windows. The original files in the wow mpg files are *.ogg. my files are not invalid. they are very short sound files modified to 0 decibel.
File: dark_intent_mute01-22-11
Originally posted by braindump hi...
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Originally posted by braindump hi, the addon does not work, because the files have double extention, really. removing .wav from each file works. thanks for silence. Thx. the files are with the update renamed.
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i need only the Party-Unitframes, b...
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i need only the Party-Unitframes, because i use other Raidframes. it is possible to show only Partyframes in a Party and during a raid the party- and raidframes are disabled ??
File: ShardWatch10-16-10
Mistake in shardwatch.lua
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There's a mistake in shardwatch.lua at the last line (Line 154). Change: SLASH_SHARDWATCH1 = "/sw"; to SLASH_SHARDWATCH2 = "/sw"; and you can use the slashcommands "/shardwatch" and "sw". without this correction you can only use "/sw", because Line 154 overwrites Line 153.