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I dont think this will be updated i...
Posted By: yulskie
I dont think this will be updated in the near future, I'm still using this ui but only the core with bartender4 i disabled everything and use it in conjuction with xperl. Originally posted by Giorsoine I believe that until someone picks it up again it is dead, looks like the original makers ain't gonna update it. A shame sinc...
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Oh no! Thats a shame coz you really...
Posted By: yulskie
Oh no! Thats a shame coz you really did a very good job Zilver in picking up the updates after the original author abondoned thisproject. I wish you good luck tho :) I cant imagine playing wow without spartan. Been using it for years and i must admit I'll be lost without it :( :(
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Originally posted by jeremy1048 n...
Posted By: yulskie
Originally posted by jeremy1048 not sure which addon is causing it (i run a large amount) however as this is the only one actively affecting party frames thought try here first to see if anyone could help. Currently in raid groups all the frames except group 1 are going in daft places and in rare cases scales. Most commonly is...
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Hi all, I dunno if someone else hav...
Posted By: yulskie
Hi all, I dunno if someone else have this problem, everytime I do COS, the arrow for the next group of mobs does not show.
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Re: Re: How to Resize
Posted By: yulskie
http://oi52.tinypic.com/m9vspg.jpg if you like me don't want the bar to "hide" you can type: "/sui popup all". If it's not there, some other AddOn is interfering with it. Thanks for the quick reply, managed to sort it out by updating bartender 4 :D
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Guild button?
Posted By: yulskie
Is it only me or anyone else cant find the guild button? :(