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File: PVPSound04-01-11
question mark on emotes changed to exclamation point please
Posted By: logansfury
I love this addon! One small detail im noticing, when I get the emotes after first blood kill they end with a ? instead of a ! so im seeing: is on a Killing Spree? is Dominating? etc, which is really no big deal but I would love to see a quick edit fix where these question marks become exclama...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar11-13-10
Re: Can't see necb
Posted By: logansfury
Originally posted by k1mm1poo When I load the addon I don't see anything come up when I cast. I have tried to enable it again. I've tried the commands /natur and /natur anchor and nothing. What am I missing to enable this and/or get to the options? Thanks Hello Kim, The problem you are experiencing is that the curren...
File: ItemRack11-12-10
any progress report on the bugfixes...
Posted By: logansfury
any progress report on the bugfixes in current version?
File: Natur Enemy Castbar11-09-10
any news of update progress for NEC...
Posted By: logansfury
any news of update progress for NECB yet?
File: ItemRack10-29-10
Im having several issues with the c...
Posted By: logansfury
Im having several issues with the current version. On most set swaps, either the chest or the belt does not swap, but it takes off what was previously worn leaving me unequipped in that slot. Events are not working. My mounted set for my lower level chars is not equipping my carrot on a stick and mount speed enhancing gear, etc...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar10-27-10
Re: Re: Re: Natur Enemy Castbar
Posted By: logansfury
Originally posted by Softrix Ive been taking a break from wow for the last 2 months with a new grandson coming along but I'm back, and yes ive started working on the addon again. Congratulations to your family!! This is a wonderful addon and has been sorely missed since the 4.0.1 patch broke it! Aside from the fantastic c...