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Re: Re: chat frame
Posted By: eviilangel
Originally posted by Monolit First of all, what does m_Chat has to do with oUF_mono? Secondly, there's a way to move EditBox, check first lines in m_Chat.lua eb_point and eb_width are options you're looking for. thanks a lot. It works now. BTW, I really like ur UI. Im try to recommand my whole guild to launch this UI. lol.
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well, I found this addon cannot add new spells. I tried couple times and Im pretty sure I typyed the correct spell names. Just nothing happend after I click the ok button.
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chat frame
Posted By: eviilangel
well, could you tell me how to move that little bar or frame when you try to add msg to chat? It poped up at the middle of your screen, which is really massed up during the fights.