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File: LootLink11-06-10
Originally posted by Moleculor Co...
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Originally posted by Moleculor Could a similar fix be needed for Auctioneer? WoW now locks up every time WoW downloads the full AH through Auctioneer, now that I have LootLink installed. Just check it with LootLink disabled, however there are currently problems with scanning the auctionhouse because of changes made by Blizzard...
File: Fizzwidget Linkerator10-23-10
Anyone looking for a substitute sho...
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Anyone looking for a substitute should check this: LootLink.
File: Fizzwidget Linkerator10-18-10
As of patch 4.0.1, when typing a li...
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As of patch 4.0.1, when typing a link name in the editbox (starting with a [), the client freezes for about 30 seconds for each letter typed, rending the addon useless, is there a way to fix this?