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File: TellMeWhen11-08-10
Re: Re: Frustrated
Posted By: Atouke
Originally posted by Cybeloras Make an icon that tracks for the buff on you. You cannot and will never be able to click TMW icons in order to cast a spell. Thank you for your reply. It appears im unable to get your addon to work for me, either its glitched or im unable to configure it correctly. :( Ive tracked it both ways (...
File: TellMeWhen11-07-10
Posted By: Atouke
well, tell me when should have done wut i thought it would. pallies get a buff called denounce which gives me an instant exorcism shot. cant seem to get this to tell me when its up and able to be used. thought it would have popped up icon and all i had to do was click it to use. if this is not possable pls say so, or if p...
File: LunarSphere11-03-10
Re: Re: no worries
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Originally posted by MoongazeMods While a public version is not available, there is an Alpha version available on my forum that is currently being tested. :) To funny. went to ur forum and this is wut i found http: ... heh, nope. Sorry, I'm not testing a new version yet! Check back later! :eek: thx for the laugh! :mad:...
File: LunarSphere11-02-10
no worries
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not to be negative, but by the time u get it done players will be used to bartender4 like myself. so yeah, take ur time! :D
File: SLDataText10-26-10
Posted By: Atouke
love the addon. a problem im haven is the darn clock. i have to change its settings everytime i load screen. i have disabled it but each time my screen loads i have to go back into options and reclick the already disabled enable box. is there anyway to stop this? the enabled clock box is empty yet i have to click it on and then click...
File: WoW UI Designer10-21-10
Posted By: Atouke
Awesome :) i am able to do the tutorial now :banana: anyway, when i tried the tutorial on wow i get an error. hopen you could shed some light on this. Thank you Atouke Date: 2010-10-21 08:29:57 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: line 1: attempt to call global 'RegisterEvent' (a nil value) Debug...
File: BTex10-20-10
duel images
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Hi! great addon, love it! im using kal's and only prob i have is when ever i get near water i have duel images of terrain, npcs', and of my toon. I know its this addon as i disabled it and all went back to normal. I look forward to ur update and hope this is corrected at that time :) Hope to hear from ya soon :D Atouke i fo...
File: WoW UI Designer10-18-10
Posted By: Atouke
I have also downloaded the designer (today) and recieved a WoW Intialisation error opening it. (Value cannot be null. Parameter name: stream) While trying out the tutorial i was asked to choose the default skin, there is no skin and i recieved yet another error... Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you clic...