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File: Qulight UI02-10-11
Love this UI ^^ Cty thx for th...
Posted By: Yaminho
Love this UI ^^ Cty thx for the find you helped a lot of people ;) But here I have some questions. I'm wondering if anyone can pinpoint me towards the code. -I want te debuffs to show under the player frame as in previous versions -I don't know how to move the stance/shapeshift/totem bars to the middle as they used to be -An...
File: Qulight UI10-18-10
Some feedback
Posted By: Yaminho
First and foremost... Thanks for the great UI pack. I absolutely love it so please keep on fixing all the bugs ^^ Currently running on 2.4.7b I found some things that are not working as intended: <> UI scale always goes to the smallest automatically upon reload, login/logout <> Pet bar, stance bars are not working <> tracking...