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File: SexyCooldown 2 - FAN UPDATE11-04-14
Awesome job
Posted By: Sayre
Thanks so much for updating this addon for 6.0. It is the most important addon I use! I don't understand how anyone can raid or pvp without it. Their loss!
File: Power Auras Classic v4 - MoP Version05-28-13
Brewmaster Stagger
Posted By: Sayre
Has anyone figured out a way to track the Stagger debuff while Brewmaster tanking? I am looking to replicate the functionality of the Brewmaster Tao addon which tracks remaining damage in the stagger as a number and a percentage of total health. This would be similar to tracking the amount of absorb left on a PW:S, but I cannot find...
File: SexyCooldown 2 - FAN UPDATE02-21-13
Thanks for keeping this up to date!...
Posted By: Sayre
Thanks for keeping this up to date! Will settings be transferred from the original SexyCooldown? Yes, of course. This addon is a simple "renamed copy" of the original SexyCooldown. I only fixed some parts and keep it up to date. What I meant was, would the changes I have done to SexyCooldown automatically be imported to your ve...
File: DrainSoulTimer10-19-10
Addon File Architecture Bugged
Posted By: Sayre
The DrainSoulTimer addon works, but the files need to be renamed (as of the current date, addon last updated 10/15/10). This is easy to do: Rename the master folder from DrainSoulTimer_2 to DrainSoulTimer Go into the master folder and make a subfolder called Sounds. Change DrainSoulTimer\Sounds\tick.ogg to tick.ogg and place it...