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File: MayronUI Gen5 (BETA)09-28-16
When can we expect the full version...
Posted By: agria
When can we expect the full version of this addon? Also there seems to be some kind of bug with the map that will make the map shift in the map window making it so you cannot view the map anymore. I dont know if anyone else has this same problem. Yeah I get this one a lot... usually gets fixed by a /reload. I also can't...
File: MayronUI Gen5 (BETA)02-25-14
Hello! I'd like to move the digsite...
Posted By: agria
Hello! I'd like to move the digsite progress bar and the achievement pop up cause it overlaps with the unit frames and expanded bottom bars. Is there a way to do that? Thank you :)
File: MayronUI Gen5 (BETA)11-23-13
Help :)
Posted By: agria
Good evening. I really love your UI, you have done an excellent job with it. I seem to face a problem though with the compact raid frame. Is there a way to move it downwards a bit cause it overlaps with my chat frame? Thanks again for both your time and efforts to provide us with an excellent UI and constant updates for minor bugs...