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File: oUF_mono10-20-10
Would be very nice frames, but IMO:...
Posted By: smokw
Would be very nice frames, but IMO: a) cannot find an option in lua to disable castbars b) i don't like that healthbar colour on target frame depends on actual health... I prefer hostility (in pve) or class colours (in pvp). c) cannot switch off the portraits (sic!) d) percentage of target's health IMO not emphasized enough. And...
File: oUF_coree10-20-10
Any chance for update?
Posted By: smokw
Hi! Any chance for update to this layout, please? :confused: I tried like 10 other layouts and every of them misses something i like or got used to in this one :( Out of 16k+ ppl who downloaded oUF_Coree, I cannot be the only one who still would like to use it...