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File: SpartanUI12-28-10
party frame bug, update coming?
Posted By: seylene
Thanks for keeping this addon alive! Not sure if anyone else is having this problem but the only problem I'm having is that when you enter a dungeon group, in the party frame it mixes up the names of people. For example: the dk in my group would have the warlocks name on his frame, and the warlock would have the tanks name on his fra...
File: Bartender410-23-10
Buttons become unlocked by themselves
Posted By: seylene
Wondering if this is a bug or anyone else having this issue? The buttons become unlocked all the time. I check the settings and it shows buttons locked but they aren't. Usually if I click the button lock option to unlock and lock again it fixes it for a lil while then they become unlocked again and I end up pulling a button I am clic...
File: SpartanUI10-23-10
Experience bar bug?
Posted By: seylene
I was wanting to let you know that on the newest version if u click on the exp bar it doesn't show the percent or amount of rested you have now. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem? I did a UI reset and its still the same. Hopefully its an easy fix or something I can do to fix it. Thank you for all your many hours of hard...
File: SpartanUI10-20-10
Stance Bar Missing with new update
Posted By: seylene
Hi. First of all thank you for your work on Spartan I love this addon and wouldnt want to go without it. Not sure if anyone has already reported this issue, I read through a few pages and couldn't find anything. With the new update from yesterday my stance bar is missing on all my toons. Under bartender it says it is enabled and not...