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File: RatingBuster10-29-10
RatingBuster is causing my Pitbull4...
Posted By: Greel
RatingBuster is causing my Pitbull4 player unit frame (all my others frames seem unaffected) to lose its background, requiring me to go into pitbull's settings and disable/enable the background. It also seems to randomly re-enable, though I haven't found any common event when that happens. This only started happening with the most re...
File: nibPointDisplay10-21-10
Soul Shards
Posted By: Greel
I'm having a little trouble with soul shards. When ever I log out, and log back in, the bar displays as if I have 0 shards, and only updates once my shard count changes, or I turn on/off configuration mode. If I had to hazard a guess I would say it is due to the fact that soul shards are the only resource that don't default start at...