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File: MoveAnything10-22-10
sshot help any?
Posted By: Fedxx
I was not able to produce an error code with swatter or similiar addon so I took a screenshot that might help you understand whats happening. I've tried deleting the mod entirely and reinstalling newest version. I've tried windowed/fullscreen, etc. No change. In this shot I'm mousing over the wound poison debuff slightly to the...
File: MoveAnything10-21-10
debuffs of target
Posted By: Fedxx
I'm still having an issue with the latest version dealing with my target's buffs/debuffs. I have my player/target frames moved closer to the center of my screen. When attacking the target dummy, only 1 debuff is shown underneath the target. The rest of the debuffs and buffs are all shown near the top center of my screen. Sometimes mo...