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File: ViksUI08-02-16
Help with buttons
Posted By: Izzeren
I just got back into playing a few days ago. Went to install this UI and everything seems to go in their correct spots expect for the buttons. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really like the looks and layout of the UI from the screenshots, but with the buttons the way they are I can't use it. http://i63.tinypic.com/2edsdq...
File: DoTimer10-22-10
Thanks for the info. I am trying to...
Posted By: Izzeren
Thanks for the info. I am trying to see if I can replace Satrina buff frames totally and just use DoTimers. It is looking like I may be able to. I just need to learn how to operate this great addon more so that I can adjust things the way I want them.
File: DoTimer10-21-10
This may seem like a stupid questio...
Posted By: Izzeren
This may seem like a stupid question, but I cant seem to figure out how to seperate the buff/debuff anchors so I can move my debuffs around to a different location. I am assuming that is possible?