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Re: vehicle exit bar?
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Originally posted by funkalicious where is the vehicle exit bar? I can't seem to find it anywhere and for certain quests I have to disable the whole ui which is a pain. Other than that <3 this edit :) Interface\addons\QulightUI\Actionbars\rActionBarStyle - open config.lua Find vehicleexit (around line 113) change disable to false.
File: Qulight UI12-13-10
Originally posted by Batman05 Wha...
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Originally posted by Batman05 What about warrior stance/Dk Presence bar? These are kind of important and it's crazy that no info is readily available. :confused: Interface\addons\QulightUI\Actionbars\rActionBarStyle - open config.lua Find(around line 65): stancebar = { buttonsize = 26, buttonspacing = 5,...
File: Qulight UI10-22-10
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Originally posted by sploosh00 hi i like this setup but the only problem I'm having is like class bar. Like my dk is i have to open my spell book and click on the presence. Is there a way to show my presence without opening my spell book? You can enable stance bar by going to your addon folder -> rActionBarStyler-> config.lua. Fi...