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File: RealUI09-29-12
Two Questions
Posted By: Clasmir
1) Is it just me? Every time install a new version or RealUI I've got to go into each addon and select the right profile. It is always on "default". Is this normal? 2) In my case I have a custom bartender (2 bars on the side that I can always see). I don't wish to overwrite the bartender.lua in my saved variables every time there...
File: RealUI09-03-12
First, thanks for picking this up....
Posted By: Clasmir
First, thanks for picking this up. Next paycheck I'm donating. (let us know if that won't reach you) Second, if at all possible, keep the file dates for the WTF folder. In the past (after a clean install) I would sort based on modified date within the SavedVariables directory to determine which ones to overwrite within my own dire...
File: RealUI02-21-12
I won't be around much for a while...
Posted By: Clasmir
I won't be around much for a while to comment/update. I'm unsure how long my current health levels will continue, so will catch you all when/if I can. :) I hope all is well or will get there. /peace
File: RealUI01-12-12
I wish I had the free time to devel...
Posted By: Clasmir
I wish I had the free time to develop, but developing all day with Java and two children to entertain at night... I will certainly miss your ability to make things simple yet elegantly functional.
File: RealUI12-13-11
Re: Re: Raid Location Markers
Posted By: Clasmir
Anyone know a quick and dirty way to keybind the raid flares for markng ground locations? Outdated, but may still work. (Raid Flares) This one is for the target icons. Imagine with me: 1) Hitting one key... 2) A ring blooms into existence centered on your UI with all of the raid icons (or whatever you want) showing up...
File: RealUI12-04-11
Is this list still accurate for add...
Posted By: Clasmir
Is this list still accurate for addon updates through curse client? Not to update te specified ones but the rest are fine to update? Also, curse client has some of those addons as an unconfirmed status (up to date, new version, out of date, etc) It wants to reinstall them thru the client. If i do this will it be fine or not? D...
File: RealUI11-29-11
i had to to turn everything off to...
Posted By: Clasmir
i had to to turn everything off to get wow to load ill try a clean install tomorrow, and see if that helps. Have you used something like the curse client to update everything you possibly can? In my case I replaced Grid with VuhDo, the bags with arkinventory, and that... is about it for replacements. I've updated everything to th...
File: RealUI11-29-11
Servers aren't even up yet... who k...
Posted By: Clasmir
Servers aren't even up yet... who knows, maybe there are no bugs. Just relax a little. :) FYI. Servers are up, and I've tested this with my warrior and so far so good. http://files.enjin.com.s3.amazonaws.com/58518/module_gallery/original/279543.jpg
File: RealUI11-29-11
Will this be updated for 4.3? Or sh...
Posted By: Clasmir
Will this be updated for 4.3? Or should i search for another interface? I'll update it for 4.3. /hugs
File: RealUI11-10-11
Posted By: Clasmir
I just wanted to say that I really appreciate this addon and the work that you have done. Really excellent work! Thank you. -Clasmir
File: RealUI06-10-11
Re: Omen display
Posted By: Clasmir
Originally posted by clayhall For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get the actual Omen window to display? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks. Assuming you've done all the basics such as toggle it on and do show (/omen show) then you may have had the problem I had just two days ago. Somehow the X Y p...
File: RealUI05-21-11
A thank you
Posted By: Clasmir
I was about to ask for a donation link then I noticed I'm blind. I am expressing my thanks for keeping this addon going with a donation -Clasmir
File: RealUI05-08-11
By the way. I really, really apprec...
Posted By: Clasmir
By the way. I really, really appreciate you still supporting this UI. I'm a java developer by trade and if I had the time and skill I'd ... try to repay you somehow. For now a simple thank you will have to do. -Clasmir
File: RealUI04-24-11
Re: Dismissing Buffs
Posted By: Clasmir
Originally posted by Aelias Hello all! This UI is the best I've ever use. However, I still have a problem: How can I dismiss buffs by right clicking on them. I'm sure it's in SBF but I do not find where =) Thank you! In my case I'm using this: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=12524 and I enabled the...
File: RealUI04-12-11
I look forward to your next project...
Posted By: Clasmir
I look forward to your next project, and I hope you can spare cycles here to fix odds and ends. I've been moving between my own efforts, packaged UIs with LUI being the second to last and I must say that your RealUI has by far been the most efficient from an end user perspective. Great work. -Clasmir
File: RealUI04-07-11
Originally posted by Skala I'm no...
Posted By: Clasmir
Originally posted by Skala I'm not too enthousiastic about Grid either and I simply did not load the addon and the plugins which did not end up in any error messages. oUF_Freebgrid now does the job for me and I can imagine VuhDo will do the same thing for you guys. I have the same opinion and a few weeks ago I simply disabled G...
File: LUI v310-24-10
Praise and friendly advice :)
Posted By: Clasmir
Originally posted by loui thats half wrong and half right... LUI v3 is mady by 100% for you. for the masses and for nobody else. There is support for nearly every screen resolution, every class, every spec, every taste so everybody can use it. There are nearly 3000 options so everyone is possible to adjust the UI to what he or...