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File: Duffed UI v506-15-11
Your DoT tracker.
Posted By: Exp°se
The DoT and buff tracker currently used in the UI does not track the proc from Heroic Theralion's Mirror for me. Any reason as to why it will track my normal mirror, but not my heroic one?
File: Duffed UI v510-25-10
Posted By: Exp°se
Before 4.0.1 Duffed worked great and I had no issue with it. Since 4.0.1 duffed, or any tukui mod for that matter, will not fit on my screen anymore. It used to scale to my screen so that everything is neat and fits correctly, but now it's blown up to where it looks like it would only work on a screen twice as big as mine. Any sugges...
File: Faceroller: Combat Rogue Cata10-24-10
Expose Armor
Posted By: Exp°se
How do you remove Expose armor from the predictor. I've been tinkering with the lua file and I've had no luck with removing it