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Kripp, a couple suggestions on your...
Posted By: ambev
Kripp, a couple suggestions on your mods. For mail have you tried Postal? I have not encountered any bugs and it is kept up to date. For chatbox mod chatter is a versatile yet lightweight mod that allows a large amount of customization, also kept up to date. Also wondering why the switch to bigwigs?
File: Kripp UI - 1920 x 108004-30-11
Posted By: ambev
updating right now wouldn't make any sense. over half the mods haven't been updated for 4.1 and with the considerable changes blizzard made to the way mods interact with the client checking the "load outdated mods" box has very very bad results in many cases.
File: Kripp UI - 1920 x 108004-25-11
profiles not working
Posted By: ambev
so after screwing with tons of settings I finally got this to install properly. I am not sure what went wrong when I initially tried to install on a clean wow install back in the day so I'll forgoe that and just get right to it. My suggestion is this - follow Kripp's instructions except a couple things. Back up wtf and interface...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window10-30-10
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Also hope linking recipes and professions gets added. Was wondering as well if anyone has been able to get guild professions to work with ATSW active. Any time I click profession links, guild or otherwise it shows a blank panel.
File: Tinker10-25-10
still working?
Posted By: ambev
Can anyone confirm this mod still works as of 4.01? I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but it is still stuck in the middle of the screen spinning away with seemingly no options or the ability to move it. Right click, left click, click and drag... shift, ctrl, alt.... nothing appears to affect it currently. Tested both with and...