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File: SpartanUI11-29-10
Originally posted by Nishtai I wi...
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Originally posted by Nishtai I will try it out, thanks :) however i noticed that the "dark when out of range" thingie worked on my warlock but not on my main. EDIT: i already had the 4.4.15 version it seems. type in /bartender in the window that comes up, make sure the left side is highlighted on Bars. Now in the window...
File: SpartanUI11-28-10
A fix for the druid eclipse bar cov...
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A fix for the druid eclipse bar covering up the shapeshift forms: /bartender Stance Bar Positioning Tab Anchor: topleft Scale 0.9 X Offset = 400 Y Offset = -2
File: SpartanUI10-26-10
Hey Zilver, That script command...
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Hey Zilver, That script command worked perfectly. Its just what I wanted. I'm having one other problem, the inspect window does not come up when i try to inspect someone.
File: SpartanUI10-25-10
Party Frame size
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Hi Zilver, Thanks for all the hard work you have put into updating this addon. I was wondering and may have missed it but is there a way to independently change the size of the party frame without changing the size of the buttons on the bottom? Thanks