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File: Threat Plates06-10-15
When I try to change some of the Fo...
Posted By: Vanq
When I try to change some of the Font Styles I get this error: Let me know if you need more info. That's a common crash if you try to use font's that are missing characters, such as german umlaute or some russian names and such.
File: SilverUI 206-05-15
you can update ELV but you shouldnt...
Posted By: Vanq
you can update ELV but you shouldnt update Weakauras... unfortunately I get #132 when playing Arena with russian enemies... :) As soon as I click the target WOW throws me out! Dont know why... If you have a font that is missing characters - wow tends to kick you. Same can happen with german umlauts. I don't know what part exactly...
File: nMainbar05-19-15
Re: Re: Some minor bugs(?)
Posted By: Vanq
petbar.lua change PetActionBarFrame:SetFrameStrata('HIGH') to PetActionBarFrame:SetFrameStrata('MEDIUM') and stancebar.lua change StanceBarFrame:SetFrameStrata('HIGH') to StanceBarFrame:SetFrameStrata('MEDIUM') Ha, just what I wanted to post "I've found it" - but you were faster. I've also seen the part in skins.lua d...
File: nMainbar05-18-15
Some minor bugs(?)
Posted By: Vanq
1) The pet and the stancebar seem to be too high a frame strata or level - they are in front of stuff like Ark-Inventory (the other bars aren't) and very large Frames like the garrison mission page: http://i.imgur.com/xCh3moU.jpg 2) The range recoloring seems to be slower for the button-fill-effect (the full-button-red) than fo...
File: Karni's Crap Filter05-12-15
Posted By: Vanq
Going to start grinding some faction reputation from the past. I hope this will be working with arkinventory and 6.1 while pickpocketing my way through then-to-be-slain mobs. Thanks!
File: Improved Blizzard UI05-08-15
Pretty big bug and it has only been...
Posted By: Vanq
Pretty big bug and it has only been happening with BlizzImp UI installed. Turning certain quests in at my garrison like the Pet battle daily, the trader and apexis causes my WoW to crash. I went through all my addons and found out this was the one causing it Still trying to work out the definitive cause of this, deleting your Cach...
File: ArkInventory05-01-15
Re: How to set armour sets and types?
Posted By: Vanq
Hi there... sorry ifthis is a stupid question but the comment page is like 2000 posts or something! How do I set a category in ArkInventory so that all armour is sorted by type.. so all MAIL goes into a single slot, all CLOTH into another.. etc etc. I ried setting Priest.. but no luck? Hm, not sure, but shouldn't the equip (...
File: Improved Blizzard UI04-17-15
Re: Re: Suggestion: Taller Healthbars
Posted By: Vanq
Apologies for the extremely late response, I'll look into this but no promises. Feel free to tinker and show me the results if you succeed though. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=15903 Hey, see - I'm not much faster in replying. I've just been Using the above. Doesn't do quite what I was used to but it's s...
File: Improved Blizzard UI03-30-15
Suggestion: Taller Healthbars
Posted By: Vanq
Fist of all - I love the UI. It's actually something that I switched to using instead of my pretty heavy "Pitbull4 + kg-panels + quartz" setup that I've been running since Wotlk. That does say something, no? May I just suggest this and you can think about adding it? It's been tested by me and proven to be really helpful in pve and...
File: LootRollMover09-28-12
Big fan of this addon for ages. Che...
Posted By: Vanq
Big fan of this addon for ages. Checking back often now for a working version, because on my UI the roll blocks the action buttons. (would this update reflect on the curse client? cause thats the working updater I use ever since... classic?) ;) Thanks for you time and work.
File: NugComboBar04-05-11
Found an error: /ncb scale does...
Posted By: Vanq
Found an error: /ncb scale does not work because of line 558: scale = num; NugComboBar:SetScale(NugComboBarDB.scale); should be: scale = num; NugComboBar:SetScale(scale); thanks for the great addon. :)
File: Skada Damage Meter03-22-11
Originally posted by tandroy How...
Posted By: Vanq
Originally posted by tandroy How did you get it to even do that? Mine goes to Current Fight every time I enter combat and remains there, updating with each new fight segment. I want it to default to Total all the time, just like you, but I would settle for it going back to Total after each fight if I could get that. Always at l...
File: GoGoMount02-03-11
To make this work in Tol Barad:
Posted By: Vanq
Just a quick Hack that makes this work in Tol Barad (Not the Peninsula) at least for all Languages where it is calles "Tol Barad" (needs internationalization obviously): Edit the GoGoMount.lua with the editor of your choice. Go to line 1090 and add in the following: elseif GoGo_Variables.Player.Zone == "Tol Barad" then if GoG...
File: ForteXorcist08-14-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Maximum time problem
Posted By: Vanq
Originally posted by speak i agree with this as well. i don't like the new bars. just upated to 1.96 and rolling back to what i had previously til it's fixed. thanks! Exactly why I came here - to find out how to get the behavior back. ;) reverting to pre 1.96 fixes this. And I see it as a point in the preview changelog. Thanks!
File: xMerchant07-03-10
Originally posted by Xruptor Yeah...
Posted By: Vanq
Originally posted by Xruptor Yeah I agree that's sorta confusing. I would mark the recipes you already know as gold or mustard color (maybe a light orange), the recipes you CAN learn make them green. Actually that would be an improvement to this great addon, that I already love. :D
File: Cartographer11-30-07
Originally posted by imw Ever sin...
Posted By: Vanq
Originally posted by imw Ever since the 2.3 patch the Professions thing doesnt work anymore (making notes when you gather stuff). I've updated with wowace updater, updated manually, tried resetting the profile, enabling more things, but still nothing. Is anyone else having the problem? Or does anyone know a solution? Thx Tha...
File: Drathal's HUD01-23-06
Tried using this. It's working smoo...
Posted By: Vanq
Tried using this. It's working smoothly and for me no glitches have happened so far. Really looking forward to that skins-thingie. I got a vision of having some undead-claws for the rings. ;) Gimping them right now. A Config UI would be nice too, but functionality ftw! :D All my attempts to get self-health/self-mana on the left an...