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File: Qulight UI11-07-10
Outgoing Heals
Posted By: Laddergoat
I'm not sure if anyone else has the same thing as I do, but I cannot see my outgoing heals (like what I heal people for, say in one Flash of Light heal). I assume theres a string of coding in xCT.lua that I need to change, but I'm not that experienced with the whole thing. I have the latest version of the UI so it can't be that. W...
File: Qulight UI10-27-10
Great UI
Posted By: Laddergoat
Great UI. Very clean and easy to use. Just a tip for everyone wondering out there. lolThreat still recognises Frost Presence as the tanking Presence. To change this to blood, just change the following in threat.lua - (2,UnitClass("player")) == "DEATHKNIGHT") then _, _, active = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(2) to (2,UnitC...