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File: oUF_Karma11-27-10
Didn't see any post(s) relating to...
Posted By: rtsamuel3
Didn't see any post(s) relating to this, but there is a bug in regards to unit power call within tag.lua when dealing with "world bosses". Here is the code: oUF.Tags = function(unit) if (UnitClassification(unit) == "worldboss") then local _, str = UnitPowerType(u) if str then return hex(pcolors.power or {250/255,...
File: GoGoMount11-25-10
Running Wild support
Posted By: rtsamuel3
I've read back a few pages and did not see any mention of this topic: forgive me if already mentioned. But will this addon be updated to support the new Worgen "mount" (I.e. Running Wild)? Thanks for the info and thanks for a great mod. Trevor
File: Cork01-24-09
Out of Range
Posted By: rtsamuel3
Is there any way to implement an "out-of-range" skip? If the first person/pet on the list is out-of-range Cork will not skip past them and I either have to manually buff or wait for that person to get back in range. In addition I echo the "disable tooltip in combat" sentiment: quite a few of our DKs summon their ghouls on fight sta...