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File: TotemTimers10-20-12
Error w/ Timers
Posted By: radicalb21
Found the following error which cause a difference between OmniCC and TotemTimers v 11.0.7 cooldowns timers. 1x TotemTimers- 11.0.7\XiTimers-200.nil.lua:541: Attempt to index field "?" (a nil value) TotemTimers- 11.0.7\XiTimers-200.nil.lua:541: in function "ShowTimerBar" TotemTimers- 11.0.7\Settings-Settings.lua:59: in funct...
File: Bartender410-07-12
Extra Action Button
Posted By: radicalb21
The extra action button is not showing during fight with Gara'jal the Spiritbinder. Any idea how to fix this? Currently using version 4.5.5
File: shPerformance (mem/fps/ms)12-01-11
shPerformance Home / World Latency Problem
Posted By: radicalb21
The add-on displays 0 ms | 0 ms . The display hasn't updated since 4.3 hit my guess is something changed in the API again. Other then that no problems. Currently using version 2.6
File: TotemTimers06-30-11
Flame Shock Dot Duration Bar
Posted By: radicalb21
The duration bar for flame shock is not currently working in 10.4.2 release. Need help?
File: TotemTimers10-27-10
Problems w/ 10.3.4
Posted By: radicalb21
1x TotemTimers-10.3.4\TTActionBars.lua:315: attempt to index field 'directionanchor' (a nil value) TotemTimers-10.3.4\TTActionBars.lua:343: in function `SetDirection' TotemTimers-10.3.4\Settings.lua:607: in function `?' TotemTimers-10.3.4\Settings.lua:41: in function `ProcessSetting' TotemTimers-10.3.4\GUI\MultiSpell.lua:39: in f...