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File: TotemTimers10-20-12
Error w/ Timers
Posted By: radicalb21
Found the following error which cause a difference between OmniCC and TotemTimers v 11.0.7 cooldowns timers. 1x TotemTimers- 11.0.7\XiTimers-200.nil.lua:541: Attempt to index field "?" (a nil value) TotemTimers- 11.0.7\XiTimers-200.nil.lua:541: in function "ShowTimerBar" TotemTimers- 11.0.7\Settings-Settings.lua:59: in funct...
File: AutoBar10-13-12
Potion of the Jade Serpent
Posted By: radicalb21
Potion of the Jade Serpent ItemID 76093 still isn't being displayed of the latest version
File: AutoBar10-08-12
Alchemy items Not Displaying in Latest Version
Posted By: radicalb21
Alchemy is missing the following item id's Master Healing Potion ItemID 76097 Master Mana Potion ItemID 76098 Alchemist's Rejuvenation ItemID 76094 Potion of the Jade Serpent ItemID 76093
File: Bartender410-07-12
Extra Action Button
Posted By: radicalb21
The extra action button is not showing during fight with Gara'jal the Spiritbinder. Any idea how to fix this? Currently using version 4.5.5
File: shPerformance (mem/fps/ms)12-01-11
shPerformance Home / World Latency Problem
Posted By: radicalb21
The add-on displays 0 ms | 0 ms . The display hasn't updated since 4.3 hit my guess is something changed in the API again. Other then that no problems. Currently using version 2.6
File: TotemTimers06-30-11
Flame Shock Dot Duration Bar
Posted By: radicalb21
The duration bar for flame shock is not currently working in 10.4.2 release. Need help?
File: AutoBar01-14-11
The starfire expresso does show up...
Posted By: radicalb21
The starfire expresso does show up for me no problem. This was added to the lib periodic table update a few releases ago.
File: AutoBar01-13-11
Volcanic potions
Posted By: radicalb21
Volcanic potions do not showup at all in autobar. Also when are you adding the new flasks from cataclysm?
File: AutoBar12-30-10
Mythical Mana & Rejuvinations
Posted By: radicalb21
Both mythical mana and the new rejuvenation potions do not show up
File: AutoBar12-29-10
Mythical Potions??
Posted By: radicalb21
I guess the new Mythical Potions (mana, healing, and rejuvenation) are still mythical as according to Lib periodical table they have been included and autobar has been updated and you can't see them in autobar.
File: AutoBar12-14-10
Duplicate Items showing in Autobar
Posted By: radicalb21
Ok here is the problem in a nutshell. Combo food and well feed food are showing the same thing in autobar. An example would be Pickled Guppy which is in essence restores both health and mana but also provides a well fed food buff and should only show under well feed and not food combo. *** This is only happening with the new coo...
File: TotemTimers10-27-10
Problems w/ 10.3.4
Posted By: radicalb21
1x TotemTimers-10.3.4\TTActionBars.lua:315: attempt to index field 'directionanchor' (a nil value) TotemTimers-10.3.4\TTActionBars.lua:343: in function `SetDirection' TotemTimers-10.3.4\Settings.lua:607: in function `?' TotemTimers-10.3.4\Settings.lua:41: in function `ProcessSetting' TotemTimers-10.3.4\GUI\MultiSpell.lua:39: in f...