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File: OPie01-21-09
Re: Working!
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Originally posted by numberoverzero Thanks for taking time from your vacation to fix this. You have no idea how much I've come to rely on your addon for.. everything. I had no idea. Cheers! My sentiments exactly. Thank you so much for a great addon and a quick fix. You are awesome.
File: Log Gnome01-18-09
Re: Errors with installing and updating
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Originally posted by mail4zvv Hi, first of all words - thx u for small and usefull addon! I have 1 problem: WoWinterface UI Manager talking "Error - Unsupported addon" and dont install it. Also he dont update er addon (i was install er addon manualy) - write the same error. I'll see what I can dig up but I don't know too much...