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File: RealUI11-24-10
Mapster and TomTom
Does anyone know how to configure TomTom to allow me to use Mapster for my world map? While still using TomTom's waypoint and other features?
File: TomTom11-24-10
Mapster and TomTom
Hello, I recently started using WoW-pro's amazing addon again and I was previously using mapster as my map addon. Is there an option that I am overlooking that disables TomTom and mapster from overlapping eachother when I open the world map? I prefer mapster, if anyone has an answer I would appreciate it.
File: RealUI11-17-10
Still can't see loot
Still looking for a fix on seeing loot and loot rolls. I would really appreciate help on this.
File: RealUI11-17-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Chatter and Loot...
Originally posted by Nibelheim Try going to Interface options > Game tab > Display, and make sure Detailed Loot Information is ticked. That was the first thing I checked and it was already ticked. Is anyone else not able to see loot and loot rolls? Also thank you for the chatter fix.
File: RealUI11-17-10
Re: Re: Chatter and Loot...
Thanks I will try that in a minute, any idea about why loot and rolls do not show up?
File: RealUI11-17-10
Chatter and Loot...
Hey, just had a couple questions about Loot rolls and other information not showing up in the chat window. Am I overlooking a setting in chatter or somewhere else? Also while I was trying to fix this I reset my chat window which in turn caused me to lose the chatters settings on only one of my chars, I tried to copy settings from rea...
File: RealUI11-02-10
Re: Re: Icehud Question
Originally posted by Nibelheim I don't recall IceHUD having a CP timer. Can you provide a screenshot? It shows up as "Ri" in the same spot as Rupture, after a few seconds of watching the bar I realized that it was crippling poison. I'll provide a screenshot if that doesn't help.
File: RealUI11-02-10
Icehud Question
Can anyone tell me where exactly the Icehud crippling poison timer option is? It is overlapping on my rupture timer which annoys me.
File: RealUI10-28-10
I feel like I am overlooking an obv...
I feel like I am overlooking an obvious option, but how do you hide bartender buttons that aren't in use? I hate seeing empty buttons.