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I think silly is six years world of...
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I think silly is six years world of stunlock craft, it took six years to put a dr on CS/KS, silly is when people get one/two-shot by stealthed rogues (below max lvl), silly is their control and absurd survivability, silly is that blizzard didn't care. It doesn't matter anymore because my addon makes rogues think and I'm a fan of reve...
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Originally posted by wykydwaze .....
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Originally posted by wykydwaze ...\PeskyRogues.lua:72:attempt to preform arithmetic in global 't' (a nil value). Try this, open peskyrogues.lua with a text editor, search for StartTime=time() and add this line below it: local t = 0
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I know that custom emote isn't unde...
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I know that custom emote isn't understandable for the opposing faction but your own team can read it and somehow it makes you feel better. :)