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File: LUI v309-05-12
The LUI v3 is on the page does not...
Posted By: nzall
The LUI v3 is on the page does not download although it appears on the page v3.7.2 I then go on download only version v3.7.1 (archive) is that a bug or me intention? the latest version is pending approval from an admin. likely has to do with checking if it's not corrupted and stuff like that. probably also checking for any known...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced09-12-11
vial of the sands recipe
Posted By: nzall
i can't seem to find the recipe for "vial of the sands" under alchemy. i've checked under miscellaneous, which would be the logical place for it.
File: Bartender405-06-11
can you unlink the button layout from the spec?
Posted By: nzall
my DK has a DW and a 2H frost spec, which means they have access to the same abilities and play roughly the same concerning priority. therefore, just for my DK, i want to unlink my layout from the spec. i can't seem to find how to do this. on a similar vein, you could say similar things about different rogue specs. i mean, the only...