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File: RatingBuster11-16-14
i would love to see an update of th...
Posted By: Jonan
i would love to see an update of this great addon for wod :) ^ Same here!
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First off, thanks for one of the be...
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First off, thanks for one of the best addons ever. Don't know how I'd manage without it anymore lol. Then, if I may, a small (I think) request. It still says that Buttonfacade is required for skinning, only Buttonfacade is no more. It has evolved to Masque these days. If that would be fixable so I could get back to the same style...
File: AutoBar08-05-11
Re: Re: Memory leak?
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Originally posted by Nananea Someone please step in if I'm wrong, but I believe this has been answered before many times. Autobar is typically the first addon loaded and thus all of the dependencies are loaded as well. Addons that measure CPU/Memory don't see these as different addons (unless you install everything standalone)....