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File: Qulight UI11-05-13
Re: Qulight ui mistake
Posted By: ZorKesh
Still cant change any setting in qulight ui Always have this error check qulight_config/core.lua in 5.4.1 blizz changed GetCVar("realmName") to GetRealmName() so correct code is myRealmName=GetRealmName() and in core.lua i found myRealmName=GetCVar("realmName") - it cause ALL config errors :cool:
File: Mono UI11-24-10
в посл...
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в последней сборке заметил такую вещь: скилы, требующие ...
File: Mono UI11-23-10
Re: Re: глюк с рейдфрей
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Originally posted by Monolit :o Нет слов, такое ощущение, что требуемый скилл проч ...
File: Mono UI11-17-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: some bugs and feature requests
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т.е. my best bet - это именно raid_tags.lua, но я еще раз повторюсь, сегодня провер...
File: Mono UI11-16-10
Re: Re: some bugs and feature requests
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sounds like placebo effect, what does aura filterring on all frames except raid frames has to do with fps lag while in raid? I'm glad it works for you, but I honestly could not notice a difference (tested on premade paladin in raid on BETA server) Честно говоря...
File: Mono UI11-14-10
hmm. After adding a.onlyShowPlayer...
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hmm. After adding a.onlyShowPlayer = true in lib.lua problem with zero fps when playing holy paladin in 25 raid just disappeared.
File: Mono UI11-02-10
Originally posted by karigi Love...
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Originally posted by karigi Love this package. I've only been using it for a day and it's everything i've always wanted, however I do have one problem. I was invited to a 25 man raid today and my fps dropped down to 1 immediately. I tried everything I could think of to fix it.. turned down my video settings, turned off panels, etc,...
File: Mono UI10-30-10
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Немного странная надпись на тултипе в средней строке, н ...