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File: Auditor04-17-15
Re: JC Daily Issue
Posted By: Laume
Just a quick note on the update. This addon is fantastic but I've noticed one problem that only seems to affect my characters with Jewelcrafting. Aha! This explanes strange outgoings I have experienced during WoD. I couldn't figure logic behind these. I am running ~3years old version of addon. You don't need to be JC to do these...
File: Fast Zoom Hard09-02-11
Even you can zoom in and out faster...
Posted By: Laume
Even you can zoom in and out faster, your camera moves really slow after your zooming by default. As you need to react fast to game enviroment I recommend speeding camera. Run following command to make camera follow zooming as fast as possible. Command is casesensitive: /console cameraDistanceMoveSpeed 50 WoW saves this settin...
File: Altoholic08-16-11
Most of Altoholic 4.2.001 toc-files...
Posted By: Laume
Most of Altoholic 4.2.001 toc-files have X-Curse-* tags commented with --, which is not commenting sequence for toc-files. Resulting in wow log file ( \Logs\FrameXML.log ) Following kind (ignorable) errors. There is lot more, only couple first: 8/16 17:58:40.438 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\DataStore\DataStore.t...
File: Altoholic07-22-11
TradeSkill filters not applied
Posted By: Laume
DataStore_Crafts has been broken since cata (wow 4.x.x) and it doesn't save Tradeskill window filters and reapply those after scanning tradeskills. In practice if I select eg. have materials filter, close tradeskill window, and open it again, it shows all skills and not just those for I'm having materials. There is new datastr...
File: OPie12-16-10
Mouse wheel
Posted By: Laume
Please give us option to reverse mouse wheel scrolling direction.