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File: The Ultimate Shaman UI 5.0.5 - 1920 x 1080 [16:9-WIDE]02-12-11
Posted By: jodflak
Just returned to the game after a 2 week break and I've noticed that quartz does not seem to be working as it did before - it used to show a coloured section which would let you know when you could queue up the next spell for casting - there does seem to be a new version available but as per your instructions I know that it is one of...
File: The Ultimate Shaman UI 5.0.5 - 1920 x 1080 [16:9-WIDE]11-02-10
edit box
Posted By: jodflak
fantastic add on suite - been after something like this after having been stuck with spartan for so long. One small niggle I have which I cannot find a fix for anywhere and that is the font size of the edit box that you type in - I have tried the prat options and also the default chat options but cannot find an option to resize th...