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File: Balance Power Tracker11-22-10
You refer to having your own icons...
Posted By: Rinah
You refer to having your own icons instead of the Lunar/solar eclipse. Don't you? Yes that's exactly what I have in mind. Creating 2 custom icons for sun and moon side and replacing the eclipse icons with them.
File: Balance Power Tracker11-19-10
Got another art-related suggestion,...
Posted By: Rinah
Got another art-related suggestion, how about allowing to load up custom icons from image files like PowerAurasClassic does?
File: Balance Power Tracker11-05-10
Really awesome addon, I got a sugge...
Posted By: Rinah
Really awesome addon, I got a suggestion to improve the looks though. Would be great if you could add an option to replace the icons with the moon and sun that are used in blizzard's built-in power auras and make them scalable (not sure if that is possible).