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File: WoW AddOn bundle for TextMate02-22-07
mrruben5: When I was primarily on a...
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mrruben5: When I was primarily on a Windows machine, I used and liked (loved!) SciTE. There's a packaged version of SciTE available here: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info4989-SciTE-WOWInterface.html Tabithy: I'd never heard of TextMate before, thanks to you I'm going to try this out. /hattip
File: tekKompare02-19-07
By the way Scae (and any others who...
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By the way Scae (and any others who've used my tweak), my tweak is obsolete. tekkub has included two lines with the most up-to-date version. One is commented out, the other is not - both refer to "local validator". Uncomment the one you want to use, and comment out the other. Original (pops up with no key press): --~ local vali...
File: tekKompare02-09-07
Re: Feature Request
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Originally posted by SquishyMage Well, I don't see a way on GCode to add a feature request. Would you consider adding a key modifier option to hide the tooltip unless ctrl/shift/and-or/alt are held? I've tried TipOnDemand with tekKompare and didn't like it. You can put your own key modifier in, by updating Tekkub's code. Th...
File: Ace208-09-06
Re: A question about embedding
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Originally posted by ILT I have question about embedding - i am wondering about situation i have more Ace2 addons. In such case, every addon is having its part of Ace2 embedded and i am ending up with many embedded Ace2 pieces. How this is working? Does it increase memory usage? Do they get used only once? What if one add-on is usi...
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu07-14-06
RE:: Enlightenment
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Originally posted by Jayhawk I don't use tcgTradeskills, so you'll have to enlighten me as to what it does. I may look into adding similar functionality, but currently I'm adding a section for cooldown timers (which I need myself ;)). It tracks tradeskill levels across all of your critters, and gives you wee FuBar buttons to op...
File: Paparazzi02-09-06
Neriak, that link to your portal ta...
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Neriak, that link to your portal takes me computer---games.com, which I know you didn't intend. What you want there is http://neriak_x.wowinterface.com/ - you have interfaces.com, and it's throwing off my browser. (Which is apparently set to find to search from my address bar for bad links ... silly thing ...)