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File: Power Auras Classic03-07-11
Originally posted by Smacker Not...
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Originally posted by Smacker Not sure what you mean. Please post an export of your aura Version:4.14; icon:inv_misc_cat_trinket06; buffname:65029; x:159; bufftype:22; owntex:true; isResting:0; mine:true; exact:true; spec2:false; combat:true; size:0.25; y:-165 when trinket goes to Cooldown the icon should disapear and come ba...
File: Power Auras Classic03-06-11
Equipped Only not working in Named...
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Equipped Only not working in Named items? (when trinket equipped and after use icon does not vanish)
File: ElvUI02-13-11
Did the "sound" meter vanished from...
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Did the "sound" meter vanished from player portrait with new release? :>
File: ElvUI11-06-10
Hello! Love your edit for the UI...
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Hello! Love your edit for the UI. I have one question, how i can make raid frames show sometime of timer for debuffs?