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Action bars
Posted By: chrique1
I need some help to get 4 3x4 actions bars. Will be a shame to disable action bars and use my custom BT4 setup. I algo got a setup in bt4 that I can turn on/off those bars with a Key, and also turn them on in combat /party / raid. Can this be done? its there a place where I can read how to do it? thnxs in advance.
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Originally posted by Nibelheim Not a bad idea :) +1. Ctrl key to show the bars its good, but some times u just need an good old on/off switch. thats the only thing I miss from lui´s, ... ... ..., well and the class color ui (yep iknow its dumb but i multibox and got a lot of toons, so orange 4 druids, blue 4 shammys, etc wa...
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Originally posted by Nibelheim Did a bit of experimenting with SexyMap. Getting it to the right size and shape and back into position is easy enough. To adapt the minimap toggling system to recognize the toggling of it's hud, I'd probably need to convert that functionality to an addon and get some event hooks into the SexyMap hud f...
File: RealUI11-15-10
Posted By: chrique1
I cant see now the nameplates, or the "?" "!" quest icons, and some other info on the screen (try v many times and plates options too). Try to find the options in the interface to show them again but no luck. I update some addons, maybe that cause the problem. Where in setting can I fix that back?
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Originally posted by Nibelheim Vacation time! Going to force myself to take a one week vacation so I can finally overcame my incessant back pain. Be well :) Lol well deserved time. The only addon I miss its volumizer. Its an addon that control volume setting in the lower bar, but I cant get it to show with ur UI. Its any wa...
File: RealUI11-07-10
Posted By: chrique1
Really love the concept, clean UI when flying/riding its a long time wish come true. Thnxs. I prefer vuhdo to grid, can this be change for my personal settings?