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File: Realm Bounty Hunter09-15-17
players may be more likely to play...
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players may be more likely to play it legit if it's part of rp Yeah I know what you mean. I've got a few ideas for that. :cool:
File: Realm Bounty Hunter09-14-17
Watch the video made by Ezorus from...
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Watch the video made by Ezorus from MMO-Champion. It's from the beta version so it's a little outdated but it still shows you how to use the addon: Realm Bounty Hunter video
File: Guild Bounty Hunter09-14-17
Rewriting Guild Bounty Hunter
Posted By: Azinath
I am currently rewriting Guild Bounty Hunter by breaking it down into several smaller addons. The first of these is Realm Bounty Hunter.. Check it out let me know what you think.
File: Guild Bounty Hunter01-21-12
Re: Custom Reps?
Posted By: Azinath
Okay, it says I can make 5 custom reps, however, there are already 5 included, and I can't find a way to delete the included reputations. how do i delete them, and add my own? On the Guild Faction page there is a little button on the top right of the bottom section of the page called 'Guild Faction Details'. Click this button to...
File: Guild Bounty Hunter01-19-12
Officer Lock
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ATTN Beta Testers!!! Version 2.2.2b now supports Officer Locked bounties, but I need your feedback. Please test the following: 1. Set the minimum officer rank with the command /gbh setminrank . This should add a short string the end of your Guild Info Text (if you have write permission) indicating the minimum rank...
File: Guild Bounty Hunter01-06-12
Re: How to use?
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Okay, how does this thing work? You need to like, write an instruction manual for this thing. Yes I do. The complexity of this addon has been growing exponentially. A manual is in the works.
File: Guild Bounty Hunter11-07-11
2.1.7 Fixes Client Crash Bug
Posted By: Azinath
Hopefully. If not let me know, your feedback helps!