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File: Guild Bounty Hunter01-21-12
Re: Custom Reps?
Posted By: Azinath
Okay, it says I can make 5 custom reps, however, there are already 5 included, and I can't find a way to delete the included reputations. how do i delete them, and add my own? On the Guild Faction page there is a little button on the top right of the bottom section of the page called 'Guild Faction Details'. Click this button to...
File: Guild Bounty Hunter01-19-12
Officer Lock
Posted By: Azinath
ATTN Beta Testers!!! Version 2.2.2b now supports Officer Locked bounties, but I need your feedback. Please test the following: 1. Set the minimum officer rank with the command /gbh setminrank . This should add a short string the end of your Guild Info Text (if you have write permission) indicating the minimum rank...
File: Guild Bounty Hunter01-06-12
Re: How to use?
Posted By: Azinath
Okay, how does this thing work? You need to like, write an instruction manual for this thing. Yes I do. The complexity of this addon has been growing exponentially. A manual is in the works.
File: Guild Bounty Hunter11-07-11
2.1.7 Fixes Client Crash Bug
Posted By: Azinath
Hopefully. If not let me know, your feedback helps!