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File: RealUI08-31-12
BUG: Target of Target Buffs
Posted By: Dyaxion
It's looking to me like the Target of Target buffs have been displaced to the far edge of the screen by mistake.
File: Raven08-03-11
Sorry if this has already been answ...
Posted By: Dyaxion
Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere, but is there a way to move the little Counts number off the centre of the icon? I have OmniCC in big block numbers covering up the little white count numbers, which can make things tricky from time to time. I have just made the transition to your addon from SBF and I must say it i...
File: Tidy Plates05-23-11
Debuff Tracker Skins
Posted By: Dyaxion
Not sure if somebody else has asked this, but I wanted to use the skins on the Debuff Tracker for regular buffs/debuffs, i.e. use it as a ButtonFacade skin. I gave it a whirl by switching information around in another ButtonFacade addon and separating the textures from the mod, and so and so forth, but the height and width are mak...
File: kgPanels02-06-11
Parent/Anchor Frame Issue
Posted By: Dyaxion
Originally posted by minotaurz1 Just came back to WoW and updating my UI and kgpanels is the last thing keeping me from having the old look back. The problem I'm having is I cannot get the boxes I create to attach to my unit frames (using Pitbull4). Before the update I was using Pitbull 3 and all I did was use the Parent and Anch...
File: RealUI11-10-10
So the new SBF allows you to set a...
Posted By: Dyaxion
So the new SBF allows you to set a buff frame as "interactive", so you can dismiss buffs but lose some functionality. Were I to download said new SBF (it doesn't appear to be on RealUI yet), could I set up another bar which allows me to do so without royally messing up the rest of the buffs? Thanks.