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File: oUF_Kui03-17-11
Posted By: Yougotmail
There is one more thing that i have a problem with, on the raid and party frames, sometimes player names are replaced with the number "4" for no apparent reason, how can i fix this?
File: oUF_Kui03-14-11
Screen Flash
Posted By: Yougotmail
There is only one thing that bothers me about your frames, when im in a battleground, the edge of my screen is constantly flashing red, is there anyway to disable it? Is there also a way to move the raid frames from directly over the player frame?
File: oUF_Nivea12-17-10
Cant get rid of icons
Posted By: Yougotmail
For some reason, after reinstalling your layout the raid target icons, and rest,looter,leader and combat icons all show up on the player frame and will not disappear. I haven't had this problem before and i cant fix it.
File: oUF_Slim11-12-10
Target Auras
Posted By: Yougotmail
Is it possible to completely disable the target auras, they really bother me and would prefer not to have them enabled.