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File: KeyBind10-03-11
Out of date
Posted By: Cayslia
This is listed as out of date when I load it, and it doesn't appear to be working normally. If there's something I need to do to make it work, I'm not sure what it is. From the options available on this website, I'd like to use this one, so I will check back and see if it gets updated. :D
File: TinyDPS05-26-11
Problem with setting focus
Posted By: Cayslia
When I enter a pug, I set the tank as my focus (for the purpose of some of my macros) by right clicking on the frames on the left and choosing the focus option. For some reason tinyDPS causes an error the first time I try it and setting focus fails. Second attempt usually works. I'm using raid frames for party option. Doesn't seem...
File: AspectWatch04-27-11
Aspects turn off when you die, and...
Posted By: Cayslia
Aspects turn off when you die, and after multiple wipes I started to forget to put Aspect of the Hawk back on. This addon fixed that in a hurry. As far as I've noticed, Aspect of the Fox is not recognized by this addon. Only options I can think of: To enable/disable recognition of certain aspects, leave the warning message the...